3 steps to reduce the risk of electric scooter theft

With the boom of electric scooters on the market, the electric scooter's own advantages: lightweight, convenient, easy to use, can be shuttled on non-motorised roads, a good short distance mobility scooter. There are also more and more riders using electric scooters on the roads now. As electric scooters become more and more popular, then the risk of theft of electric scooters is also increasing. To protect your personal property, it is vital to reduce the risk of electric scooter theft.


Why do we want to reduce the risk of electric scooter theft?

1.Electric scooters are easy to steal

The lightness and convenience of electric scooters makes them convenient for us but also for thieves. If you park your scooter in a crowded area, an individual or group of thieves may try to push or carry your scooter away.

2.Electric scooters are expensive

Of course, the price of scooters varies from one performance to another. But at least anything that can be used as a short distance electric scooter is not cheap. Many people will try to steal your scooter and resell it second-hand, or break it down into parts and sell them separately, or they will just have the bad intention of destroying your scooter.

3.Electric scooters are usually not insured on the market

Is it insured, no theft this is obviously not a big issue, if the electric scooter is stolen then we have the most to lose.

How to reduce the risk of theft of electric scooters?

1.Hide the electric scooter

When not in use e-scooter, it is best to leave the scooter in a sheltered area or under a roof and lock it up and take the keys with you.

2.Stay alert when preparing to stop

As you prepare to stop and walk away, look around for any suspicious people. Also, be aware of the traffic around you and be safe.

3.Installation of a GPS positioning system

With a location system installed, you can always check if your car has been moved and also give yourself peace of mind. If you find that your car is being moved without the use of an electric scooter, then you can also quickly learn where it is being transported to and you can contact the police to deal with the theft.

For short distances, people love electric scooters more than they love electric car and car, it makes it easy and these measures are simple, so it is all the more important that we reduce the risk of electric scooter theft.


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