Zondoo Story

Who we are

ZonDoo was founded in 2019 by a passionate and empathetic team from all over the world,we enjoy life,lust for freedom.

We're the hardcore electric mobility players,we love riding ride electric scooter to chase our dream and have fun.
Our vision:To make a more sustainable world

What we do

We develope and share really good electric mobility products.
We are highly motivated and inspired by the challenge of the electric scooter industy, we are committed to providing sheer riding pleasure to all the electric scooter riders,the urban commuters as well as the hardcore electric scooter players.

Why we do

Why is the market full of so many lousy electric scooters?

Poor quality,unsafe battery,inferior material & structure,unstable controller,terrible riding experience,ugly design...Are they really what we consumers want?NO,definitely not,and the consumers hate them.

But how come these problems have happened all the time, cause they're very cheap in price?
NO,actually they're very expensive in terms of total cost ownership,and they're cheap in quality.
Is it possible for us consumers to have the reliable e-scooters with good looking?

Yes,it's definitely possible.
So this is why ZonDoo get started...

How we do it

We put all of our resources and money into ZonDoo.
Customers first,we share the maximum value to our customers and end users,we let the customers have the best cost effectiveness as well as life-long customer services.

We grow with our valuable partners like the logistics,distributors and customers etc,we deeply believe we can't go anywhere without the parnters help and support.

We are transparent in the process from A to Z,end to end process management,product design and development,engineering research and optimisation,quality process control,world wide warehousing and stock management,dealership and distribution partnership building,logistic and customer services.

"Honest, Professional, Dedicated, Happy"is ZonDoo's core value in the process of moving forward.
Being honest is our ethic principle,being professional is our job objective and responsibility,being dedicated to electric mobility products developement only is our determination,and finally to make our customers and parnters happy is our life and business attitude.

Where we're going

Thanks for the customers and partners trust and support,ZonDoo is growing all the way.

Sheer Riding Pleasure is our mission.Looking forward,we will keep transparent to you as we did in the past,we'll focus on electric mobility products developement only,to develope and share more and more reliable,durable and scalable electric scooters to all the customers.

Further more,we deeply understand that we need you---the valued ZonDoo customers and partners,we need your proposition and supervison,criticism and praise to help us to grow steadily and healthly,and consequently to achieve our mission and vision: To make the personal transportation life smart and fun,to make our world more comfortable and sustainable.

ZonDoo,Sheer riding pleasure,we're on the way... ...