1.Q: What is the shipping time of the electric scooter?

A: If you choose the shipping from China, it will cost 20-50 days.But if you choose ship from EU warehouse or USA warehouse,it only takes 3-7 days delivery of door to door service.Please contact us for more inventory information.

2.Q: Could I drive it in rainy days?

A: Although the scooter has IPX5 waterproof grade,and we don't recommend to ride it in rainy or snowy conditions cause it's gonna be very dangerous to the rider as well as the battery and electronic units.

3.Q: Is there any warranty with your scooters?

A: Yes, the warranty is 6 months for battery,controller, 9 months for the frames,motors and other mechanical parts,but there's no warranty for the cosumable parts like grip,buttons and tires etc.

Jump to the ZonDoo warranty page to view the detailed policy..

4.Q: Does the customer need to pay additional taxes or duties for scooters?

A: Customers doesnot need to pay additional taxes or duties, because the taxes has been paid from our side.

5.Q: Can I get all the spare parts of the electric scooter in the store?

A: Yes, we are the direct manufacturer, all the spare parts of our scooters are available, even the bolts,nuts and screws.

6.Q: Can I be your distributor?

A: Sure, you're more than welcom to be our distributors in your country,we focus on product develpment and manufacturing,and you just do the marketing stuff to have a win-win situation.

Pls check Become ZonDoo Distributor for further discussion.

7.Q: Can you do OEM/ODM to customize scooters with my logo?

A: Sure, we have been in 8-13inch scooters research and development for more than 8 years, and we're very good at OEM/ODM.Please fell free to contact our customer service for OEM/ODM cooperation.

8.Q: Can I apply for refund?

A: Yes, basically we allow you refund based on ZonDoo 21-Days Money Back from the date of purchasing if you are not happy with the purchase/products.

Please refer to ZonDoo Refund Policy for detailed information.

9.Q: Are products given away as gifts covered by a warranty?

A: No. Once given away to someone else as a gift, the initial warranty no longer covers the purchase.

10.Q:Do I need to charge the e-scooter when I receive it?

A: Yes,you must charge it before you ride it cause the battery is discharging and leaking by itself even without power on.

11.Q:Can I have ZonDoo warranty if I buy ZonDoo electric scooter from other shops/websites/stores?

A:No,the ZonDoo Warranty applies to the ZonDoo electric scooters bought from this website only.

And please contact the dealer for warranty and after sales service if you buy the electric scooters from the ZonDoo dealers/distributors.