Tips for safe riding you need to know

Electric scooter obviously has a greater degree of freedom, which does not stick to fixed driving. Riders need to freely exert their imagination and create inspiration in the process of sports. Get on the electric scooter and spin or jump in the square, park or road. Make the electric scooter a fashionable leisure sport for entertainment and fitness.
However, if it is used improperly, we may be injured. Therefore, when using, we need to take protective measures to avoid injury

Riding equipment of electric scooter
1. Helmets. The head is an important organ of human beings, so it is very important to protect the head during riding. A quality helmet can protect you from serious injury.
2. Gloves, choose the anti-skid gloves that are suitable for your own hands
3. Knee and wrist guards are the best partners, and they can protect you from joint damage during riding.
4. Try not to wear slippers or high-heeled shoes and use an electric scooter. Fit sneakers are a good choice.

Scooter maintenance
1. The electric scooter must use original parts, otherwise it is easy to cause danger
2. Before riding, adjust the height of the scooter to suit your height.
3. Select an electric scooter with good performance and be familiar with the brake position.
4. Do not use it on wet or too bumpy roads
5. Regularly check whether there are missing parts.

The ultimate riding experience can clear away the tiredness of the day, and let's sheer ring pleasure.

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