Take a short trip with my electric scooter

Electric scooters are a tremendous environment-friendly innovation, and we are already seeing their popularity growing worldwide. As we are experiencing the direct threat of climate change, we are trying to cut down our dependence on fossil fuels and move to clean energy sources. 

It’s fascinating to see electric scooters gaining popularity, and we can also notice their innovative designs worldwide to ensure safety and better comfort for the user. But they are still yet to achieve the user experience we get from regular scooters.

One most common doubt is that are these electric scooters suitable for long-distance traveling? In this article, we will discuss this so that you can be well aware before buying an electric scooter. Let’s start with your main question.

Why is an electric scooter not the best for long-distance?

For short-distance commuting, electric scooters are incredible options. But when it comes to traveling for a long-distance, they are not the best yet. Also, it depends on states to states, countries to countries, as infrastructure is an essential factor here.

We will see all those reasons why I don’t consider electric scooters a good option for long-distance travel yet. But I am sure I have to update this post within a few years.

1. Charging station

If you are traveling long distances, the availability of charging stations should be a significant consideration on the way. But unfortunately, we don’t have such advanced infrastructure for electric scooters everywhere.

We are seeing rapid development of the e-scooter docks in the city area where you can charge your electric scooter. But globally, we see very few countries working on developing such infrastructure.

But can we charge electric scooters at a public EV charging station?

Generally, you can’t directly. But you may have to carry your charger and an adapter to plug it. And next, you have to check the input power compatibility of your charger with the charging station’s operating output power.

If your charger is not compatible, then tough luck! Please don’t take the risk of charging anyway.

2. Charging time

Most electric scooters take 5-6 hours to charge fully. If you drain the entire battery before reaching out to the next charging dock/ station, you have to take a long break to charge your battery, and that’s why you must consider the charging time beforehand.

But nowadays, some electric scooters have fast charging functionalities. If you think it’s a favorable option, you can definitely consider having one with fast charging functionality.

Range determining factors

If you consider an electric scooter for long-distance travel, you must carefully check the max range and review the range determining factors. Below, I am going to point out those three main factors.

  1. Battery: Battery capacity is an essential factor. Generally, the brands mention the battery voltage and amp-hours as battery specifications. You can multiply the voltage by amp-hours to get watt-hours. By that, you can have an idea of the battery’s energy capacity well.
  2. Weight: If the total weight of the scooter (scooter+rider) is too heavy, it can decrease the range.
  3. Speed: If your average speed is low, you can travel more distance. If you are riding fast, you have to use more motor power to adjust to the traffic and road.

Today, our partner took this question for a short trip to test.

This is our first contestant-ZonDoo ZO01 PRO. It has 6000w huge power and 60v38ah battery.It has 6000w power and 60v38ah battery Our cycling distance is 90km, which is easy for it to complete. And it still performs well when the gradient is 45 °, and the speed is basically maintained at 80KM/H


This model still reached the destination, but its speed was a little slower than the previous model. This may be related to its maximum power. ZO03 PLUS has a 2800w integrated motor, and the maximum power is 5600w.

In general, the test was very successful, and both of them successfully completed the test objectives.But many scooters can't afford such a long journey.


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