Non-zero start convenience and safety issues

In recent years, electric scooters have gained tremendous popularity as a convenient and environmentally friendly form of transportation. However, the safety of electric scooters, especially their non-zero start feature, has become a topic of concern.

I. We need to understand non-zero start:
Non-zero start refers to the ability of an electric scooter to start moving without the rider having to kick off or manually push the scooter. This feature is designed to improve convenience and ease of use.

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II. With non-zero start scooters, riders must be aware of:

  • Accidental starts:

One of the main safety concerns with non-zero start is the possibility of accidental start. An electric scooter equipped with this feature may be inadvertently triggered, resulting in unexpected and uncontrolled movement. This poses a risk to both the rider and nearby pedestrians.

  •  Familiarity with scooters:

Riders should be properly trained and familiar with the operation of electric scooters and understand the control, acceleration and braking mechanisms of the scooter, which are essential to ensure safe riding.

  •  Rider responsiveness:

When using a non-zero start electric scooter, riders must remain alert and responsive. They should have a firm grip on the handlebars and be prepared to react quickly in the event of sudden acceleration. In addition, riders should always be aware of their surroundings, anticipate potential hazards and adjust their riding behaviour accordingly.

While the non-zero start feature offers convenience, it also brings with it safety considerations that must be taken seriously. Accidental starts, rider training and rider responsiveness all play an important role in ensuring the safe operation of electric scooters. By addressing these aspects, we can promote the widespread adoption of electric scooters while prioritising the safety of riders and pedestrians.

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