Welcome summer with the ZO01 electric scooter

With the rising temperature, summer is getting closer and closer. Summer nights are still very cool, after work on weekdays or weekend nights you can ask friends and family to go to the beach to blow the wind, or to go to the night market square shopping is a good choice. But driving is not only expensive in terms of gasoline, but also difficult to find a parking space. Now you have a better choice, that is to ride an electric scooter.

    ZonDoo electric scooter is smart and cool, bring you easy to ride, enjoy the beauty of summer. Among many models, I recommend ZO01 electric scooter more, here are its specific advantages.

  • Powerful Motor System

 ZO01 electric scooter features dual 1200W powerful brushless motor brings faster acceleration and climbing ability to the electric scooter, can reach 43 mph and Max 45° climbing angle. High capacity 52V 28 AH battery can provide a long range of 42~46 miles under certain conditions, and Max load of 440 lbs.

  • High Performance 

ZO01 electric scooter equipped with hydraulic brake system and quadruple absorbent systems designed to improve safety while riding. Improved dual shock absorbers and dual disc brake system provide maximum rider comfort, providing riders with better overall handling and safety at high speeds.

  • Excellent Electric Scooter

ZO01 electric scooters comes with a smart LCD meter, which shows the speed, speed mode, battery life and etc. The e scooter for adults featuring a 360-degree lighting system that includes dual headlights, dual side moon lights, rear turn signal and a brake light, ensuring that you can always see and be seen at night for all-around safety.

  • Foldable & Portable Design

Easy to fold and portable, the size of adult electric scooter after folding is 50.4" * 26.3" * 25.6". It can be easily stored in the trunk of a car or carried on public transportation, making it perfect for travel. ZO01 electric scooter can be your perfect commuter transportation to school, work or short journey.


Electric scooter, great for commuting, shopping and short trips. With it, you can make your life more convenient. Don't hesitate, go to ZonDoo Store to buy it now and let ZO01 welcome the summer with you!

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