How to choose the right electric scooter?

Usually people pick electric scooters based on a single aspect or only a few factors to consider, not comprehensive enough to pick, only to find out that it is not very suitable for them when they use it. So, how do we pick a scooter that suits us from several aspects?

First of all, we can start filtering from the usage aspect, whether it is for city commuting, short-distance walking or for off-road, long-distance travel, etc. We have two categories on our homepage from which you can choose.

Secondly, the maximum speed and range of the electric scooter are very important parameters. Depending on whether you use it to catch up with time and the length of the riding distance, choose the maximum speed and range of the scooter that suits you. The city type has 30km/h ZO02, 65km/h ZU04 pro. If you consider whether it is convenient to store, we recommend the city type zu08, zu08 pro, which is light weight, small size and can be folded, so it is easy to carry out. Off-road type has 65km/h ZO08, 120km/h Road Hitter. off-road can be folded and can be put into the trunk, but it will be bigger compared to the city car. You can buy according to your actual needs.

Finally, you must choose the right tires for your actual road conditions in order to remain stable in different road and weather conditions. We have ZO02 20-inch large tires, 9-10-inch city-type tires, and 10-13-inch off-road-type tires for ultra-stable driving; also consider the braking system, our electric scooters are equipped with full disc brakes to prevent inertia; you also need to consider your budget, because the price of electric scooters varies depending on the brand, performance, configuration and other factors.

In short, choosing the right electric scooter for you requires consideration of several factors, and ultimately requires comprehensive consideration based on your needs and the actual situation.

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