Which one do you prefer, Electric Scooter or Electric Bike?

In order to overcome the global climate warming challenging,more and more people are using electric vehicles to replace the traditional gas vehicles to make our lives more comfortable and sustainable.

So the electric transportation is gonna be the future,probably you're aware of it the micro mobilities like electric bikes,electric scooters are the phenomenon products in terms of daily commuting,off road sports and entertainment,but why? Cause the micro mobility products are the perfect transportation tools to avoid traffic congestion in downtown areas,beside they're enviroment friendly,much lower cost in comparison with the gas transportations. 

But how to choose the right ones,the electric bikes or the electric scooters?

A,Electric bike features and benefits

  •  As known to all of us,the bike is a very good transportation tool for shor distances,pedalling is the very traditional transportation way for personal transportation as well as physical exercises. 
  • Electric bikes are much more fun and comfortable in comparison with the mechanical bicycles,because most of the bikes are with the electric driving features without any pedalling.
  • ZonDoo ZDBK01 is with the 20inch fat tires,48V/1000W high performance brushless motor,max speed is 32MPH,40miles per charge.Please try this model if you're looking for some electric bikes with the best cost effectiveness.

B,Electric scooter features and benefits

  • There's two different categories in electric scooters,standing kick electric scooters and sitting electric scooters.
  • Sitting electric scooters are like the electric bikes or electric motorycycles with low speed of 25-30MPH,basically the sitting electric scooters are for the old people,the disabled or the housewife for shopping and short distance transportation who don't need t o pedal.
  • Standing kick electric scooters have two different categories as well,low speed electric scooters for urban commuting with max speed 15-25MPH,max distance is 15-20miles each charge.High speed standing electric scooter with speed of 40-60MPH,& which are used for sports and entertainment as well as commuting in daily life,max mileage could be 50-65miles each charge.
  • Standing electric scooters are the new things,& they're different from the traditional electric bikes riding experiennce,cause sitting on the bikes are a little bit boring to some young people.Standing electric scooters are more of more freedom,more enthusiastic and more different,these are the young people tag,they wanna brake the rules & they wanna be different,so they choose the fast and furious electric scooters for their personal transportation tools.
  • ZonDoo has the city commuter electric scooters and high speed off road sports and entertainment electric scooter as well.City commuter electric scooters like ZU08,ZO02 are with the best riding experience,portable and fashionable in city transportation life. High speed electric scooters like ZO01,ZO03,ZO08 are with the extreme riding performance,max speed is up to 55-60MPH,max endurance is 60miles per charge if riding with proper skills.

So what is the best choice for you,the electric bikes or the electric scooters?

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyesDifferent people have their different choices,but you may refer to this article for refference if you don't know which one is good for you?

Like if you're looking for some comfortable and traditional transportation way then you could select the electric bikes. But if you're looking for something different,if you're looking for freedome,if you don't wanna be the old fuddy-duddy,they electric scooter is definitely the best choice for you.


ZonDoo riders,let's ride to chase our dreams,ride for freedom.

ZonDoo,sheer riding pleasure. 

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