ZonDoo Electric Scooters Winter Travel Without Worry

Winter has arrived, Europe and the United States have entered the "refrigerated or frozen" mode. The day is cold, we can add clothes or stay in a warm room to keep warm. But as a mobility tool electric scooters, but to face the test of winter, many cars will be frequent problems in winter, so that the owners headache.

For electric scooters, can you ride in winter?
The battery will not be charged?
Can the motor still work?
Such concerns believe that many consumers have. Other electric scooters do not guarantee, on ZonDoo electric scooters, their products can definitely withstand the cold, so that owners can ride warmly in winter.


Why do you say so? Because most of the problems with electric scooters in winter are in the motor and battery. The ZonDoo products with high-performance lithium batteries, equipped with ultra-intelligent BMS battery management system, efficient and accurate, can quickly control the battery operating status, multiple protection system to make the battery more intelligent and stable. ZonDoo's control of the quality of the battery products also reached ultra-high quality standards, safety and trustworthy. Even if the low temperature of minus 20 degrees, can also be normal driving, which is the majority of electric scooters on the market can not do.

About the motor, ZonDoo electric scooter equipped with high-efficiency DC motor, strong power, lower loss. Even in the low-temperature environment, it can also operate efficiently, so you don't have to worry about the problem of not being able to start. Other aspects, winter precipitation, foggy weather frequently, ZonDoo electric scooter high frame settings can largely avoid the battery pack from roadside water intrusion. The waterproof charging port design also avoids the risk of charging into water, thus enhancing battery safety and security.


Even with ZonDoo's warm guardianship, we also need to remember how to use the car scientifically, regular maintenance can make the car life longer, but also ride more comfortable.
1, Winter temperature is low, the battery material activity may decrease with the temperature drop, so the battery charging time can be extended in winter, to ensure normal charging, can increase the life of the battery;
2, pay attention to the power and odometer, it is best to charge in time when the remaining 50% of the power;
3, it is recommended that the ZonDoo electric scooter into the indoor or underground garage, reduce parking in the open air. If you must be parked outdoors for a long time, you should also take certain warmth and anti-freeze measures.

Have you learned these winter travel tips for using electric scooters?

Good quality electric scooter, science with electric scooter, winter safer, more intelligent electric scooter, the choice is ZonDoo electric scooter!

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