How to Maintain your Electric Scooter’s Battery in Winter- tips 2022

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation while commuting to work, recreational spots, or even while running regular errands. We most definitely understand the thrill of riding your electric scooter in the cold, breezy weather amidst the luscious green trees. However, extreme low temperatures might be dangerous for both you and your electric scooter since they can slow down or stop the chemical reactions used to power your batteries, reducing their performance and capacity.

Moreover, if you don’t take care of your battery during the winter season, it will significantly reduce your range. For example, a battery can deliver 6 to 8 miles of range in warm or normal weather, whereas in cold weather, it can deliver only 2 to 3 miles. Long-term exposure to cold temperatures can permanently damage your battery.

To avoid the effects of low temperature on your electric scooter’s battery life, you can take the following steps:

Don’t overcharge when not in use:

Unfortunately, some riders forget to charge their electric scooter battery, assuming they won’t use it for a while. However, just like any other electronic device, you should keep your battery charged to keep its capacity from dwindling. We would recommend not charging it all the way up to 100%. In fact, aim to charge it between 50% and 90% of its original capacity which is an ideal storage voltage for your battery, as it will cause less damage. Both BGauss A2 and B8 come with overcharging protection, over discharging protection, over current prevention, temperature control, individual cell monitoring, cell equalization and short circuit prevention to help keep your mind at ease at all times.

When in use, charge it completely:

If you use your electric scooter on a regular basis during the cold season, make sure your battery is fully charged. Although charging your battery to 90% capacity will help it last longer, your battery will require more power to run when it’s cold due to the ice and extra slick roads.

Lower Tyre Pressure:

When you are riding during lower temperature, ideal tyre pressure is of utmost importance, hence you need to make sure your scooter tyres have the right amount of tread. Both, ZO03 PLUS and ZO01 PLUS have front and back tubeless tyres which can be better ridden at lower pressure as compared to tubed ones. Moreover, tubeless tyres are generally better for extreme weather conditions and all kinds of terrain as they offer better grip and avoid flat tyres as compared to tube ones.

Keep it in a safe place:

Whether you plan to use your electric scooter tomorrow or leave it for a while, you must store the battery in the proper temperature range. It’s also a good idea to check your unit’s specifications because each one has a different ideal temperature. Keeping your battery in a place with stable and non-extreme temperatures will help your electric scooter perform better over time. These guidelines are not just limited to your electric scooter’s battery but also your electric vehicle itself. It would be best to avoid parking your e-scooter outside on the road since extreme temperatures can negatively affect your electric scooter’s battery life. Instead, always park your scooter in the shade and never in direct sunlight.

Clean it once in a while:

Finally, even if you are not going to use your electric scooter for a while, make sure to clean it, particularly the battery. Even though ZonDoo has an anti-dust and water resistant battery, it needs deep cleaning once in a while. Leaving dirt or corrosion on your electric scooter battery can reduce its capacity and lifespan. Similarly, allowing dust to accumulate on your electric scooter can cause problems with its other components. It can be cleaned by dusting it or wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Is it possible to ride electric scooters in the winter? Yes, you certainly can. You can get the most out of your scooter if you take care of it and plan ahead. If you’re looking for a high performance electric scooter that is suitable for lower temperature and extreme weather conditions, ZonDoo is the right choice with its IP65 rated battery, tech savvy and user friendly features. Browse through the range of electric scooters available on our website to find the best fit for you!

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