An Article To Tntroduce You To Electric Scooters

The development of shared mobility tools has led to the development of a large number of convenient transportation, and scooters, which were seen as toys when they were young, have become a mobility tool for many students and office workers with electricity.

Electric scooters have been added to the traffic regulations in many countries, and it is reasonable to join the shared car family, and pedestrians wearing helmets can be seen everywhere around.

Because of its own volume and many can be folded as a travel tool is also very convenient, in recent years has become a hot and popular transportation, today to talk about the main character is the superhero - electric scooters.



Simple operation, after the purchase of even without the door assembly, alone can be completed. As long as the child touched two children's car to start the electric scooter is a matter of minutes.

Easy to carry, which is also mentioned earlier, many office workers in the bus or subway after a certain distance from the company, folded scooter after taking the subway will not take up a lot of position, the weight is only 20kg-30kg degree, for adults is completely no burden of weight.
No electricity can also ride, although generally its range can be, anyway, there will not be a long distance, in case there is no electricity, directly as a scooter stare to go, the speed is about the same, but also as exercise.

Low carbon travel to protect the environment, electric scooters are driven by clean energy electricity, will not produce any carbon emissions. Generally speaking, the carbon emissions generated by human metabolism during our travel journey are also taken into account, so the carbon emissions of riding scooters are lower than walking and bicycling.


The most basic is the road problem, although the traffic law is the principle that electric scooters can not be on the road, but the situation is still different from region to region, before the road must do their homework, the general district, park and closed site is no riding restrictions.

Road restrictions, in not very flat road driving bumps will be more serious, like the blind alley on the sidewalk, it is best to avoid riding safer, when crossing the road, pay attention to be sure to get off and push through.
Short life span, this is also have to admit a point, because its battery capacity itself is relatively small, after a long time riding will naturally shorten the battery life, so usually occasionally ride a short distance is no problem, after all, not a large transport do not care too much about range and life span.

Electric scooter purchase matters

I believe that here for whether to buy an electric scooter you have already had their own ideas, the following is to say that if you want to choose an electric scooter, what are the points that need to pay attention to it, look down together .



Electric scooters for power requirements are relatively small, do not think that the larger the motor the better, motor and wheel diameter, speed, etc. are closely related.

Each motor has a best matching power range, more than the high power is also a waste, the small will not run, motor power and body design matching is the most important.

Most of the common motors on the market are DC motors, motors are not necessarily imported can be, at present, many of China's domestic motor is a good choice, compared to the brand or to pay attention to the matching.

2. Brakes

Personally, I think it is the most important parameter to choose, the safety of electric scooters are dependent on the brake decision. The main braking methods of electronic scooters are divided into the following categories.

Electronic front handle brake: is more traditional brake method, more in line with the inertia of human operation. But the traditional design is more abrupt, so the portability will be relatively poor.
Front brake button: Based on the original function of the front handle brake, the portability is improved and the button design makes the body more compact and very portable.
Rear wheel foot brake: used for emergency braking, when braking, the electric safety system will immediately and automatically cut off the power, which can be more stable deceleration and parking.
The choice of brakes is definitely a higher security before and after both, the rear brake is mainly used for downhill speed control, so the double brake system is more secure, choose to pay more attention to Oh ~

3. Range

As said before, do not have too much hope for the range of electric scooters, after all, it is a short-range mobility tool. First of all, we should know that the maximum speed of electric scooters is 20-30 kilometers per hour, so the capacity of the battery will not be very large.

The electric scooter battery is generally placed in the pedal, the range and battery capacity is precisely proportional. If you want to last longer, you can choose a scooter with a larger battery capacity, which can run for several days on a single charge.

But the larger battery will bring heavier weight, here I hope you must weigh, lightweight and long-lasting range is not both.

4. Weight

Most of the weight is linked to the battery, through common sense we also know that the lithium battery will be relatively lighter.

Generally speaking, the weight of about 10kg-30kg, the ability to withstand or depends on the individual, if the force is small, no matter how light it is not long to carry.

For women it is recommended to choose the lithium battery, the burden is smaller and more convenient to ride.

5. Other additional
Folding method

Electric skateboard folding method is generally divided into two kinds of handlebar column folding and pedal front folding.

Column folding way folding position in the front wheel on the steering column, pedal structure will be more stable.

And pedal front folding is a bit like the design of children's skateboards, the front wheel and steering column is one.

It is recommended to fold the column, which is not only more stable, but also can be used to reduce the weight of the pedal by choosing a lighter one-piece design.

Shock absorption

There are two types of shock absorbers, front and rear, and the rear shock absorber is recommended because it is connected to the pedals.

The pedals bear the overall pressure of the user, so the design of the rear shock is also in the overall car to achieve better overall shock absorption, stability is also stronger than the front shock.


Electric scooters can do a good job of waterproof function is really not easy, after all, it is a very low floor wheel is also very small.

The waterproof function of the electric scooter is the motor and the battery, the waterproof motor has been widely used, the battery is installed in the middle of the pedal, a small part of the battery will be placed in the tram riser.

The standpipe is relatively high, there is no need to worry about water short-circuiting.

Finally, we must put safety first, understand the local regulations and their own situation before traveling, check the body parts and best wear a helmet to travel.

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